Introducing Avorak – The Next Big Thing in the Crypto Ecosystem!

• Algorand is a blockchain platform with an associated currency, ALGO.
• Avorak is a project combining blockchain and AI, with a native currency AVRK.
• Avorak’s token will be allocated to participants alongside the launch of the liquidity pool.


Algorand is a blockchain platform designed to improve performance in terms of speed, scalability, and interoperability. The native currency used on this platform is known as ALGO which can be considered as a digital currency. This asset is likely to increase following the imminent bull run that affects the cryptocurrency industry.

Avorak AI

Avorak is an innovative project that consists of both Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It has a well-established management team that specializes in decentralized finance and marketing. SolidProof and CyberScope have audited the project to authenticate its trustworthiness and transparency for its clients. The native currency of this platform is called AVRK with a price value of $0.27 during stage 8 Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Additionally, each purchase made during this phase comes with a 3% bonus reward. The maximum supply for AVRK stands at 40 million tokens distributed across different allocations according to the whitepaper provided by Avorak AI.

Revenue & Burning System

This platform also has an established revenue cycle and burning system where 49% of their collected revenue will be allocated to their holders while another 49% will be reinvested back into Avorak for future innovations, improvements, and technologies needs; while the remaining 2% will be burned down via deflationary mechanisms upon payment completion processes are completed successfully. When it comes to allocating these tokens before locking or launching liquidity pools; AVRK tokens won’t be distributed until after the LP lock period ends so they can reduce risks associated with users creating their own pools prior to setting official prices from their side within this system’s framework.


The digital ecosystem has one-of-a-kind innovations such as layer-1 blockchains which are collections of solutions aiming towards improving fundamental protocols making them more scalable than ever before; especially when it comes down to virtual assets such as Algorand which seeks out increasing interoperability rates amongst web3 communities but also increasing transaction speeds while simultaneously reducing scalability issues faced by platforms using cryptocurrencies as payment methods or mediums for exchanging goods/services between consumers in general marketplaces out there today! On top of that we have projects like Avorak AI which seeks out combining both Blockchain technology & Artificial Intelligence in order to provide improved services for their clients within their respective fields by leveraging upon trustworthiness & transparency through proper audits conducted by third parties like SolidProof & CyberScope amongst others! Lastly they have established efficient revenue cycles & burning systems ensuring continuous growth cycles within their operations over time!