Write Your Own Bitcoin Story: How I Became a Writer

• Mickey Koss, a West Point graduate and Finance Corps veteran, was not invited to write for Bitcoin Magazine but stumbled upon the submission link while looking for customer service.
• After submitting his first article which was published, he received a scathing review of his second submission.
• Despite the initial rejection, he persevered and was eventually hired by the same editor who rejected him to write behind the scenes for a large Bitcoin-focused YouTube channel.

My Story

I’m Mickey Koss, a West Point graduate with a degree in economics. I spent four years in the infantry before transitioning to the Finance Corps. I recently discovered Bitcoin and have become completely obsessed with writing about it ever since.

My First Submission

When I accidentally found out about Bitcoin Magazine’s article submission page, I sent off an idea that they liked so much that I had to put together an actual draft for them to review. To my surprise when it went live, I was hooked and wanted more! Unfortunately my second submission wasn’t as successful; it got rejected with no explanation other than a scathing review from the editor.

Learning Through Rejection

Rather than be discouraged by this setback however, this experience served as an invaluable learning point that allowed me to adjust my strategy and change my frame of mind when it comes to writing about Bitcoin. Eventually through hard work and perseverance, I even got hired by the same editor who initially rejected me to write behind-the-scenes content for their large Bitcoin-focused YouTube channel.

Social Media Fear

At first I didn’t even post any of my articles on social media out of fear; fear of what people would think or say about me or how they would react after reading them. But after 10 articles were published, and with support from both my wife and the Bitcoin community all around me, I slowly began building up enough courage to start promoting myself online via LinkedIn posts etc., something that continues till this day.

Write Your Proof-Of-Work Resume

The takeaway here is simple: if you want something bad enough then don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – not even yourself! If you haven’t already done so then take your chance today at writing your proof-of-work resume – it’s never too late!